Anthony McCarten

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Born in New Zealand in 1961, London-living Anthony McCarten is an award winning film-maker, novelist and playwright. He is an Honorary Literary Fellow of the New Zealand Society of Authors in ‘Recognition of Outstanding Literary Achievement’.

Anthony’s novels have been translated into 14 languages. His first, Spinners, was voted one of the top ten novels of 2000 by Esquire magazine. In 2005, his second novel, The English Harem, became an international best seller. His third, Death Of A Superhero, won the 2008 Austrian Youth Literature Prize and was a finalist for the 2008 German Youth Literature Prize. A major motion picture, from McCarten’s screenplay adaptation, was filmed in 2011. His latest, and seventh novel, funny girl, a fictional account of the world first Muslim female stand-up comedian, has just been published to acclaim.

As a film maker, Anthony has written five feature films and directed two himself.  All were screened internationally. Theory of Everything, (2014) was nominated for five Academy Awards, including two for McCarten, for Best Film (as producer) and Best Adapted Screenplay. He won two BAFTA awards in the same categories for the same film.

McCarten received early international success with his play Ladies Night. Translated into twelve languages, it remains New Zealand’s most commercially successful play of all time. In 2001, it won France’s premiere theatre award for comedy, the Molière Prize. In addition, he is the author of eleven other widely performed stage plays.

Anthony now divides his time between Los Angeles and London.


'One of writing’s greatest magics is to allow us – to use Kiri Piahana-Wong’s phrase – to slide outside the trap of time.' - David Taylor

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