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Chris Else has been described as one of our most versatile writers. Marked by his dry humour, his nine novels and two short story collections range from satire, tragedy, murder mystery, love story and fairy tale through to philosophical explorations of place and existence. The NZ Listener described Chris as ‘a meticulous observer of people and places’. His work appears in multiple anthologies and journals. He has also written plays for stage and radio, and scripts for television.

Chris was the King’s College Writer-in-Residence (2007), and recipient of the Foxton Fellowship (2003), and Autumn residency at the Michael King Writers’ Centre (2012). He has worked as a primary school teacher, publisher’s rep, university lecturer, English language teacher, bookseller, computer programmer, publishing consultant, creative writing and technical writing teacher and information management consultant, and was associated with the avant-garde poetry magazine Freed.

Since 1988 he has run the TFS Literary Agency and Manuscript Assessment service with wife and author Barbara Else. Successful clients include Alan Duff, Emma Neale and Nigel Cox. With Barbara, Chris was instrumental in setting up both the New Zealand Association of Literary Agents and the New Zealand Association of Manuscript Assessors. He is a long time, active member of New Zealand Society of Authors/PEN, serving on the National Council, on and off, for twenty years including two terms as President, and has been a board member and chairman of Copyright Licensing New Zealand.

His latest novel Waterline, published in 2019 by Quentin Wilson Publishing, is a mix of sci-fi, black comedy and domestic drama.



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Bibliography: Chris Else



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Gith   (Vintage, 2008)

Black Earth/White Bones  (Vintage, 2007)

On River Road  (Vintage, 2004)

The Beetle in the Box  (Vintage, 2001)

Brainjoy  (Tandem Press, 1998)

Endangered Species (Novella and Short Fiction: Hazard Press, 1997)

Why Things Fall  (Tandem Press, 1992 & Allen and Unwin Australia, 1993)

Dreams of Pythagoras (Short Fiction: Voice Press, 1981)



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'Character to some extent is much a construction of the reader as it is of the writer.' - Lloyd Jones

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