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Janis Freegard is a writer of fiction and poetry. Her fiction is mostly contemporary realism, aimed at adults, but she also writes magic realism and speculative fiction. Her most recent publication is a poetry collection, Reading the Signs (Cuba Press, 2020) a series of linked poems that are thoughtful and humorous, provocative and tender, and come together as a quiet epic about a planet that is fast running out of puff. Prior to this were her novel, The Year of Falling (Mākaro Press, 2015), and three more poetry collections, The Glass Rooster (Auckland University Press, 2015), The Continuing Adventures of Alice Spider (Poetry chapbook: Anomalous Press, US, 2013), and Kingdom Animalia: The Escapades of Linnaeus (Auckland UP, 2011).

Janis’ poetry mixes science with surrealism and frequently makes use of constraints. Of her first full-length poetry collection, Kingdom Animalia: The Escapades of Linnaeus, Emma Neale (NZ Listener) wrote ‘…the collection is as much about human follies, infringements, betrayals and tenderness as it is about the habits and habitats of our animal cousins’. In New Zealand Books, Charlotte Simmonds described The Glass Rooster as ‘a strong, mature, vivid collection of poetry with warmth and impact’. The Year of Falling was described as ‘an immediately readable book’ (David Hill, NZ Herald), and ‘a superb first foray into novel writing’ (Siobhan Harvey, Dominion Post).

In 2001, Janis won the Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award and in 2014 she was awarded the Ema Saikō Poetry Fellowship. Her work has appeared in many journals and anthologies, including Hallelujah for 50ft Women (Bloodaxe Books, UK), the NZ Listener, 100 Short Short Stories New Zealand 4 and Essential Poems of New Zealand. Several of her short stories and poems have been broadcast on National Radio. She won the Geometry | Open Book Poetry Competition and the BNZ Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award, and was the inaugural Ema Saikō Poetry Fellow in the Wairarapa. Janis also performs with the Meow Gurrrls poetry collective.

Born in the United Kingdom, Janis grew up in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. She has degrees in science and public management. She lives in Wellington and works in the state sector.



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Reading the Signs (poetry)

Published by Cuba Press on November 9, 2020

Bibliography: Janis Freegard



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A full list of published short stories and poems can be found here.


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