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Paula Green is a poet, reviewer, anthologist, children’s author, book-award judge and blogger. She has published eight poetry collections, including several for children. In 2017, Paula was admitted to The New Zealand Order of Merit for Services to Poetry and Literature.

‘There is,’ The Otago Daily Times wrote of her poetry collection The Baker’s Thumbprint, ‘a glowing, throbbing beauty in this one. This little book seems to pulse with warmth and sense of calm, comfort and joy. Green this time around has blown open the doors and taken an endless rainbow of excitement and imagination. All the way through you think, “Wow, wonder what’s coming next?” Green once said, “There is a magical reaction between something I see, hear, experience, feel or remember and the words in my head. In that magical moment, I find the seeds of a poem. And it is of course completely unpredictable.” The Baker’s Thumbprint is neat.’

Co-written with Harry Ricketts, her book 99 Ways into New Zealand Poetry was short-listed for the 2010 NZ Post Book Awards. She runs two blogs: NZ Poetry Box and NZ Poetry Shelf. She edited the much lauded A Treasury of New Zealand Poetry for Children (Random House). Her latest collection, The Letter Box Cat and other poems (Scholastic) won Children’s Choice at the 2015 NZ Book Awards.

Paula has a Doctorate in Italian and was Literary Fellow at The University of Auckland (2005). She is a regular guest in New Zealand Literary festivals and performs and undertakes workshops in schools from Year 0-13.

Her latest collection, New York Pocket Book, was published by Seraph Press in June 2016. She is currently writing a book on NZ women’s poetry.



Paula Green’s NZ Poetry Shelf website and blog

Paula Green’s NZ Poetry Box website and blog


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Bibliography: Paula Green



New York Pocket Book (Seraph Press, 2016)

The Letter Box Cat and Other Poems (Illustrations by Myles Lawford: Scholastic, 2014)

The Baker’s Thumbprint (Seraph Press, 2013)

Slip Stream (Auckland UP, 2010)

Macaroni Moon (Poems for children, drawings by Sarah Laing: Random House, 2009)

Making Lists for Frances Hodgkins (Auckland UP, 2007)

Crosswind (Auckland UP, 2004)

Chrome (Auckland UP, 2000)

Cookhouse (Auckland UP, 1997)



Aunt Concertina and her Niece Evalina (Sophisticated picture book with oil paintings by Michael Hight: Random House, 2009)

The Terrible Night (Junior chapter book, illustrations by Chris Grosz: Random House, 2008) 



A Treasury of NZ Poetry for Children (Illustrations Jenny Cooper: Random House, 2014)

Dear Heart: 150 New Zealand Love Poems (Random House, 2012)

99 Ways into New Zealand Poetry (Co-authored & co-edited with Harry Ricketts: Random House, 2010)

Contemporary New Zealand Poets in Performance (Auckland UP, 2007)

Flamingo Bendalingo (Poetry for and by children, illustrations by Michael Hight: Auckland UP, 2006)

'Novels stand outside time, with their narrative structure of beginning, middle and end. They outlast politics, which are by nature ephemeral, swift and changeable and can quickly become invisible, detectable only to the skilled eye. ' - Fiona Farrell

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