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Born in Yorkshire in 1934, poet, actor, playwright and critic, Peter Bland is known for his conversational, approachable style. ‘No New Zealand poet,’ wrote Kevin Ireland in the NZ Listener, ‘has greater graphic energy or a more creative visual sense. He writes in a carefully crafted vernacular of deceptive skill and power’. Peter has an extensive list of poetry collections, also plays, children’s books and a memoir, published in New Zealand and the UK. Amongst his accolades he has received a Cholmondeley Award, Melbourne Festival Award, the MacMillan Brown Prize for Creative Writing, and the Observer/Arvon Foundation International Poetry Prize. In 2011, Peter was awarded the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Award for services to literature.

After immigrating to New Zealand in 1954, Peter aligned himself with poets Louis Johnson, James K Baxter, Alistair Campbell and Vincent O’Sullivan. This group and their work, characterised by its reaction to repressive, nationalistic 1950s New Zealand, contributed to a new literary scene where ordinary lives were celebrated on the page. Peter also worked as a journalist, and was Head of Spoken Programmes at the old NZBC. He was co-founder and artistic director of Downstage Theatre, for which he wrote several plays. In 1985 he starred alongside Billy T James in the feature film Came a Hot Friday, for which he won a GOFTA Best Actor Award. He has written several plays for radio and the stage. With regards to his poetry Conor O’Callaghan in the Times Literary Supplement wrote: ‘His approach to the twin themes of home and exile is original and he has helped to modernize the representation of landscape within New Zealand in recent decades. This alone is no small achievement’.

Acting fuelled Peter’s poetry, and to date he now has more than 20 collections in circulation. Peter feels as if ‘the last 55 years of writing has taught me a lot about how I want to say things…there’s a great deal that still needs to be said.’

Retired from acting, Peter currently lives in Auckland. In 2016 he published a new poetry collection A Fugitive Presence through Steele Roberts.



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Creative Nonfiction

Sorry, I’m a Stranger Here Myself (Memoir: Random House, 2004)

'...poetry makes intimate everything that it touches.' - Michael Harlow

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