The CLNZ | NZSA Writers’ Award of $25,000 is one of the highest non-fiction prizes in New Zealand literature, and is now open for applications.

The award was established to provide financial support for writers wishing to devote time to a specific project, and to cover reasonable research expenses relating to it. We encourage non-fiction writers to consider applying for this award.  Applications over the full range of non-fiction genre are welcome.  Applicants must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents. It is the clear intention of the CLNZ | NZSA Writers’ Award that a book will be published as a result of being a recipient of the award.Applications must be completed online by 4pm on Wednesday 29 June 2022. Please read the guidelines before applying. For further information or to organise an interview, please email Nicole Colmar or Esme Barber


'NZ literature is such a vast and varied thing' - Pip Adam

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