Award for fresh writing with a ‘unique and original vision’

The NZSA Laura Solomon Cuba Press Prize celebrates the life and work of the writer Laura Solomon. As set by Laura, the main criteria for the exciting prize is for new writing with a ‘unique and original vision’. Published and unpublished writers are invited to enter with completed manuscripts written across all genres i.e. fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, drama or children’s writing.

The NZSA Laura Solomon Cuba Press Prize will:

-pave the way for new and exciting writing to make its way into the market place

-award the winner an ‘advance’ of $1000 and a publishing contract supplied by The Cuba Press

-pay for the book production and printing. The Cuba Press will edit, design, print, market, distribute and promote the book and e-book and pay standard author royalties

The prize is open to writers holding New Zealand citizenship or who are permanent residents of New Zealand.

Applications are open from 8 October 2021 to 31 January 2022

The application form and  terms & conditions for the NZSA Laura Solomon Cuba Press Prize are available on the NZSA website,


‘Inspiration is the name for a privileged kind of listening’ - David Howard

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