The Public Lending Right for New Zealand Authors scheme was established to provide for New Zealand authors, illustrators, and editors to receive payments in recognition of the fact that their books are available for free use in New Zealand libraries. As an author registered with the scheme, you’re entitled to receive an annual payment based on the number of copies of your title held in New Zealand libraries. This number is determined by a regular survey.
Registering for the scheme
You must register with the scheme each year in order to be eligible for payment, whether or not you have any new books.
The registration period is from 1 January to 1 March.
You need to be a New Zealand resident to register, meaning you have been in New Zealand for at least half of the last year, or you have a permanent abode here. Authors not registered this year can join the mailing list to receive future communications about the scheme by emailing us your contact details.
PLR@dia.govt.nzPayments from the PLR fund
The Public Lending Right fund is divided among registered authors, based on how many copies of their works are held by libraries. Previously stuck at $2 million for the last 12 years, the government announced an increase in 2020 of $1.7million over 4 years to allow for inflation, following advocacy.  (This is separate to changes required following the review of PLR, currently underway.) This review now sits with incoming Minister Hon Jan Tinetti.
See how the fund has been distributed so far
If you’re eligible for a payment, you’ll receive it by December 31, directly into your nominated bank account. More

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