From Mānoa to a Ponsonby Garden (Auckland UP, 2012)

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The Book of the Black Star (Auckland UP, 2002)

Photographs (Auckland UP, 1995)

Shaman of Visions (Auckland UP, 1984)

Inside us the Dead: Poems 1961 to 1974 (Longman Paul, 1976)



Breaking Connections (Huia, 2015)

Ancestry (Short stories: Huia, 2012)

The Mango’s Kiss (Random House, 2003)

Seven New Zealand novellas (Novellas: Reed, 2003)

Small packages (Short stories: Longman, 2000)

The Best of Albert Wendt’s Short Stories (Short stories: Random House, 1999)

Black Rainbow (University of Hawai’i Press, 1992)

Ola (Penguin, 1991)

The Birth and Death of the Miracle Man (Short stories: Viking, 1986)

Tuna o le kapisivai ma tamaiti o Champion Street /  Watercress tuna and the children of Champion Street (Puffin, 1985)

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Pouliuli (Novella: Longman Paul, 1977)

Flying-Fox in a Freedom Tree: And Other Stories (Short stories: Longman Paul, 1974)

Sons for the Return Home (Random House, 1973)


Creative Nonfiction

Out of the Vaipe, The Deadwater: A Writer’s Early Life (Memoir: Bridget Williams Books, 2015)



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Some Modern Poetry from the New Hebrides (Mana Publications, 1975)

Some Modern Poetry from the Solomon Islands (Mana Publications, 1975)

Some Modern Poetry from Vanuatu (Mana Publications, 1975)   

Some Modern Poetry from Fiji (Mana Publications, 1974)

Some Modern Poetry from Western Samoa (Mana Publications, 1974)

'Does historical fiction allow an escape from reality or promote a confrontation with it?' - Thom Conroy

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