Wow (Victoria UP, 2020)

Some Things to Place in a Coffin (Victoria UP, 2017)

Tell Me My Name (Riddles set to music by Norman Meehan and sung by Hannah Griffin; Victoria UP, 2017)

Selected Poems (Victoria UP, 2012; Carcanet, Manchester, 2014)

These Rough Notes (Book and CD with Anne Noble, Norman Meehan, Hannah Griffin. Poetry, images, music: Victoria UP, 2012)

The Victims of Lightning (Victoria UP, 2010)

Lifted (Victoria UP, 2018, 2005; Carcanet Press, Manchester, 2007)

Pine (By Ralph Hotere with poems by Bill Manhire. Dunedin : Otakou Press, 2005)

Collected Poems (Victoria UP, 2001.  Manchester: Carcanet, 2002)

What to Call Your Child (Godwit/Random, 1999)

Homelight : an Antarctic Miscellany (By Nigel Brown, Bill Manhire & Chris Orsman, written at Scott Base, Antarctica: Pemmican Press, 1998)

My Sunshine (Victoria UP, 1996)

Sheet Music : Poems 1967-1982 (Victoria UP, 1996)

Milky Way Bar (Victoria UP, 1991; Manchester : Carcanet,,Manchester 1992)  [Poetry Book Society Recommendation]

The old man’s example (Wrist & Anchor Press, 1990)

Zoetropes : Poems, 1972-82 (Allen & Unwin, Sysdney; Port Nicholson Press, Wellington; Carcanet, Manchester, 1984)

Good Looks (Auckland UP, 1982)

Declining the Naked Horse (Poem by Bill Manhire. Music by Mark Langford: University of Otago, Dept of Music, 1981)

Dawn, Water (Hawk Press, 1979)

Riddles for voice and piano (By Gillian Whitehead. Poems by Bill Manhire: Photographic Service [Music Reproductions], London 1978)

How to Take Off Your Clothes at the Picnic : Poems (Wai-te-ata Press, 1977)

The Elaboration : Poems (Drawings by Ralph Hotere: Square & Circle, 1972)

Malady (Printed by John McIndoe Ltd for the Amphedesma Press, 1970)



The Stories of Bill Manhire. (Short fiction: Victoria UP, 2015)

Songs of My Life (Short fiction: Godwit, 1996)

South Pacific (Short fiction: Carcanet, 1994)

The New Land: a Picture Book (Short fiction: Heinemann Reed, 1990)

The Brain of Katherine Mansfield (Auckland UP, 1988)


Creative Nonfiction

Under the Influence ([Creative non-fiction/memoir] Series editor Lloyd Jones: Four Winds Press, 2003)

Doubtful Sounds: essays and interviews (Victoria UP, 2000)



The Best of Best New Zealand Poems (Co-edited with Damien Wilkins: Victoria UP, 2011)

Storms Will Tell: Janet Frame’s Selected Poems (Co-edited with Pamela Gordon & Denis Harold; introduction by Bill Manhire: Bloodaxe Books, 2008) [Also US and Australian editions]

Some Other Country : New Zealand’s Best Short Stories (With Marion McLeod: Unwin Paperbacks; Port Nicholson Press, 1984, 1992, 1997; VUP, 2008)

Still Shines When You Think of It: A Festschrift for Vincent O’Sullivan (Co-edited with Peter Whiteford: Victoria UP, 2007)

Janet Frame: The Goose Bath – Poems (Co-edited with Pamela Gordo & Denis Harold;  introduction by Bill Manhire: Vintage/Random, 2006)

Are Angels OK? The Parallel Universes of New Zealand Writers and Scientists (Co-edited with Paul Callaghan: Victoria UP, 2006)

121 New Zealand Poems (Chosen by Bill Manhire: Godwit/Random, 2005)

The Wide White Page : Writers Imagine Antarctica (Victoria UP, 2004)

Spectacular Babies: new writing (Co-edited with Karen Anderson: Flamingo, 2001)

Mutes and Earthquakes : Bill Manhire’s Creative Writing Course at Victoria (Victoria UP, 1997)

1396, a Literary Calendar : 13 works, hand-set & hand-printed (By 13 participants in Bill Manhire’s 1996 Original Composition Class at Victoria University of Wellington: Wai-te ata Press, 1996)

Selected Poems (By Denis Glover, ed. Bill Manhire: Victoria UP, 1995)

100 New Zealand Poems  (Godwit, 1993)

Soho Square. Four (Bridget Williams Books, 1991; London: Bloomsbury, 1991)

Six by Six : Stories by New Zealand’s Best Writers (Victoria UP, 1989)

Province : new Nelson writing (Edited by Rachel Bush, Carol Markwell; with consultant editor, Bill Manhire: Nelson Provincial Arts Council, 1987)

NZ Listener Short Stories (Methuen, 1977)

'Novels stand outside time, with their narrative structure of beginning, middle and end. They outlast politics, which are by nature ephemeral, swift and changeable and can quickly become invisible, detectable only to the skilled eye. ' - Fiona Farrell

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