That Derrida Whom I Derided Died: Poems 2013-2017 (Auckland UP, 2018)

In the mirror, and dancing ([Limited edition] Illustrated by Douglas MacDiarmid & hand printed by Brendan O’Brien at the Fernbank Studio, Wellington, 2017)

The Yellow Buoy: Poems 2007–2012 (Auckland UP, 2013)

Collected Poems, 1951–2006 (Auckland UP, 2008)

The Black River (Auckland UP, 2007)

The Red Tram (Auckland UP, 2004)

Dog (Auckland UP, 2002)

The Right Thing (Arc Publications, 2000)

Straw into Gold: Poems New and Selected (Arc Publications, 1997)

Voices (GPO, 1990)

Between (Auckland UP, 1988)

Paris: A Poem (Auckland UP; Oxford UP, 1984)

Poems of a Decade (Pilgrims South Press, 1983)

Geographies (Auckland UP; Oxford UP, 1982)

Walking Westward (The Shed, 1979)

Quesada: Poems 1972–74 (The Shed, 1975)

Crossing the Bar (Auckland UP, 1972)

Whether the Will is Free: Poems 1954-62 (Paul’s Book Arcade, 1964)



The Necessary Angel (Allen & Unwin, 2018)

The name on the door is not mine (Short stories: Allen & Unwin, 2017)

Risk (MacLehose Press, 2012)

My Name Was Judas (Vintage; Harvill, 2006)

Mansfield: A Novel (Vintage; Harvill, 2004)

The Secret History of Modernism (Harvill, 2001)

Talking About O’Dwyer (Random House, 1999)

The Blind Blonde with Candles in Her Hair (Short stories: Penguin, 1998)

Villa Vittoria (Penguin, 1997)

The Singing Whakapapa (Penguin, 1994)

The End of the Century at the End of the World (Harvill, 1992)

Sister Hollywood (Collins, 1989)

The Death of the Body (Collins, 1986)

All Visitors Ashore (Collins; Harvill Press, 1984)

Five for the Symbol (Short stories: Longman Paul, 1981)

Smith’s Dream (Longman Paul, 1971)


Creative Nonfiction 

What You Made of It: A Memoir, 1987 – 2020 (Auckland UP, 2021)

You Have a Lot to Lose: A Memoir, 1956 – 1986 (Auckland UP, 2020)

Shelf Life: Review, Replies and Reminiscences (Auckland UP, 2016)

South-West of Eden: A Memoir, 1932–1956 (Auckland UP, 2010)

Book Self: The Reader as Writer and the Writer as Critic (Auckland UP, 2008)

The Writer at Work: Essays (Otago UP, 2000)

Kin of Place: Essays on 20 New Zealand Writers (Auckland UP, 2002)

The New Poetic: Yeats to Eliot (A&C Black, 1998)

Answering to the Language: Essays on Modern Writers (Auckland UP, 1989)

Pound, Yeats, Eliot and the Modernist Movement  (Macmillan, 1989)

In the Glass Case: Essays on New Zealand Literature (Auckland UP, 1981)



Essential New Zealand Short Stories (Random House, 2009)

Twenty Contemporary New Zealand Poets: An Anthology (Victoria UP, 2009)

A Good Handful: Great New Zealand Poems About Sex (Auckland UP, 2008)

Painted Poems: One Artist, 20 poems (Longacre Press, 2007)

The Best New Zealand Fiction: Volume 4 (Vintage, 2007)

The Cat’s Whiskers: New Zealand Writers on Cats (Vintage, 2005)

Auckland: The City in Literature (Exisle Publishing, 2003)

What I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Twenty-two New Zealanders (GP Publications, 1993)

Short Stories 1 (New Authors, 1963)



The Faber Book of Contemporary South Pacific Stories (Faber & Faber, 1994)

The New Gramophone Room: Poetry and Fiction (with Elizabeth Smither & Kendrick Smithyman: University of Auckland, 1985)

Collected Stories, by Maurice Duggan (Auckland UP; Oxford University Press, 1981)

The Letters and Journals of Katherine Mansfield: A Selection (Allen Lane, 1977)

Measure for Measure: A Casebook (Macmillan, 1971)

New Zealand Short Stories: Second Series (Oxford UP, 1966)

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