This Change in the Light: A Collection of Poems (Penguin Random House, 2016)

Where the Left Hand Rests: A Collection of Poems (Godwit, 2010)

Wakeful Nights (Vintage, 1993)

Going to the Chathams: Poems 1977 – 1984 (Heinemann, 1985)

On the Tightrope (Pegasus, 1977)

Honey and Bitters (Pegasus, 1975)



This Mortal Boy (Historical novel: Vintage, Penguin Random House, 2019)

All Day at the Movies (Novel: Penguin Random House, 2016)

The Infinite Air (Novel: Penguin Random House, 2013)

The Trouble with Fire (Stories: Random House, 2010)

The Captive Wife (Novel: Vintage, 2004)

Songs from the Violet Café (Novel: Vintage, 2003)

A Needle in the Heart (Short stories: Vintage, 2002)

The Best of Fiona Kidman’s Short Stories (Short stories: Vintage, 1998)

The House Within (Linked stories: Vintage, 1997)

Ricochet Baby (Novel: Vintage, 1996)

The Foreign Woman (Short stories: Vintage, 1994)

True Stars (Novel: Century Hutchison, 1990)

Unsuitable Friends (Short stories: Century Hutchison, 1988)

The Books of Secrets (Novel: Heinemann, 1987)

In Clear Light (Novel: Norton, 1985)

Paddy’s Puzzle (Novel: Vintage, 1983)

Mrs Dixon & Friend (Short stories: Heinemann, 1982)

Mandarin Summer (Novel: Heinemann, 1981)

A Breed of Women (Novel: Harper & Row, 1979)


Creative Nonfiction

So Far, For Now (Memoir: RHNZ Vintage, 2022)

Beside the Dark Pool (Memoir: RHNZ Vintage, 2009)

At the end of Darwin Road (Memoir: RHNZ Vintage, 2008)

Palm Prints (Autobiographical essays: RHNZ Vintage, 1994)



Better than Fiction 2: True Adventures from 30 Great Fiction Writers (Lonely Planet, 2015)

Essential New Zealand Short Stories (ed. Bill Sewell: Random House, 2009)

A Good Handful: Great New Zealand Poems About Sex (Auckland UP, 2008)

Where’s Waari?: A History of the Maori through the Short Story (Reed, 2000)

The Flamingo Anthology of New Zealand Short Stories (ed. Michael Morrissey: Flamingo, 2000)

The Cats Whiskers: New Zealand Writers on Cats (Vintage, 2005)



New Zealand Love Stories: An Oxford Anthology (Oxford UP, 1999)

Best New Zealand Fiction: 3 (Short stories: Vintage, 2006)

Best New Zealand Fiction: 2 (Short stories: Vintage, 2005)

Best New Zealand Fiction:1 (Short stories: Vintage, 2004)


'...poetry makes intimate everything that it touches.' - Michael Harlow

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