Chosen (Victoria UP, 2020)

The Black and the White (Victoria UP, 2019)

RedEdits (Victoria UP, 2017)

Wonky Optics (Victoria UP, 2015)

The Bengal Engine’s Mango Afterglow (Victoria UP, 2012)

The Worm in the Tequila (Victoria UP, 2010)

Pocket Edition (Victoria UP, 2009)

84-484 (Victoria UP, 2007)

Hypnic Jerks (Victoria UP, 2005)

Vanilla Wine (Victoria UP, 2003)

Nine Poems (Fernbank Studio, 2002)

Acetylene (Victoria UP, 2001)

Into India (Victoria UP, 1999)

Aztec Noon (Victoria UP, 1992)

Kandinsky’s Mirror (Rat Island Press, 1989)

Taming the Smoke (Grape Press, 1983)

The Sea the Landsman Knows (Voice Press, 1980)

Solstice (with Victoria Broome and Lindsay Rabbitt, 1979)

Images of Midnight City (Hauraki Press, 1976)



Astonished Dice (Short stories: Victoria UP, 2014)

White Nights (Short stories: Thumbprint Press, 2004)

Brindle Embers (Short Stories: Thumbprint Press, 2002)

Blood (Novel: Victoria UP, 1997)

Tin Nimbus (Novel: Victoria UP, 1995)



Best New Zealand Poems ( Institute of Modern Letters2003)

Best New Zealand Poems (IIML, 2004)

Best New Zealand Poems (IIML, 2005)

Best New Zealand Poems (IIML, 2006)


'Many of our best stories profit from a meeting of New Zealand and overseas influences' - Owen Marshall

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