North South (Steele Roberts, 2009)

How We Fell (Steele Roberts, 2006)

Playing God (Steele Roberts NZ; Hammersmith, UK, 2002)

An Explanation of Poetry to My Father (Steele Roberts, 2001)

The Art of Walking Upright (Steele Roberts, 1999)



Amazing Tales of Aōtearoa (Reed, 2008)

Mr Short, Mr Thin, Mr Bald and Mr Dog (Steele Roberts, 2005)

Uncle Glenn and Me Too (Reed, 2004)

Uncle Glenn and Me (Reed, 1999)


Creative Nonfiction

Late love: sometimes doctors need saving as much as their patients (BWB, 2017)

Jumping ship and other essays (Steele Roberts, 2012)

Jumping ship (Four Winds Press, 2004)

'I started to feel very guilty, as though I’d perpetrated a crime, a rort' - Stephanie Johnson

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