Lost and Somewhere Else (Victoria UP, 2019)

Selected Poems (Victoria UP, 2016)

The Hill of Wool (Victoria UP, 2011)

The Rocky Shore (Victoria UP, 2008)

Mrs Winter’s Jump (Random House, 2007)

Summer (Victoria UP, 2005)

These Days (Victoria UP, 2000)

Miss New Zealand: Selected Poems (Victoria UP, 1997)

How We Met (Victoria UP, 1995)

Waiting Shelter (Victoria UP, 1991)

Moving House (Victoria UP, 1989)

This Big Face (Victoria UP, 1988)



My Heart Goes Swimming: New Zealand Love Poems ([Co-editor, with Gregory O’Brien], Random House New Zealand, 2000)

Short Poems of New Zealand (Victoria UP, 2018)

An Anthology of New Zealand Poetry in English ([Co-editor, with Gregory O’Brien], Oxford UP, 1997)

‘Inspiration is the name for a privileged kind of listening’ - David Howard

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