Shape of the Heart (Quentin Wilson Publishing, 2020)

Dreamy Days and Nothing Done (Steele Roberts, 2012)

Table Talk: New Poems (Cape Catley, 2009)

How to Survive the Morning: New Poems (Cape Catley, 2008)

Airports and Other Wasted Days (Hazard, 2007)

Walking the Land (Hazard Press, 2003)

Fourteen Reasons for Writing (Hazard Press, 2001)

Anzac Day: Selected Poems (Hazard Press, 1997)

Skinning a Fish (Hazard Press, 1994)

Tiberius at the Beehive (Auckland UP, 1990)

Selected Poems (Oxford UP, 1987)

Year of the Comet: Twentysix 1986 Sonnets (Islands, 1986)

Practice Night in the Drill Hall (Oxford UP, 1984)

Orchids, Hummingbirds and Other Poems (Auckland UP, 1974)

Educating the Body (Caxton Press, 1967)

Face to Face, Twentyfour Poems (Pegasus Press, 1963)



Daisy Chains (David Ling, 2010)

The Jigsaw Chronicles (Cape Catley, 2008)

Getting Away With It (Hazard Press, 2004)

The Craymore Affair (Vintage, 2000)

The Man Who Never Lived (Vintage, 1997)

Blowing My Top (Penguin, 1996)

Sleeping with the Angels (Short stories: Penguin, 1995)


Creative Nonfiction

Backwards to Forwards (Memoir: Vintage, 2002)

Under the Bridge and Over the Moon (Memoir: Vintage, 1998)



Morriesons Motel (Tandem Press, 2000)

Out of Town: Writing from the New Zealand Countryside (Shoal Bay Press, 1999)



The New Zealand Collection: A Celebration of the New Zealand Novel (Random House, 1989)

'...poetry makes intimate everything that it touches.' - Michael Harlow

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