Poems from Hotel Middlemore (Cold Hub Press, 2018)

Memory Gene Pool (Cold Hub Press, 2012)

From the Swimming Pool Question (Zenith Publishing, 2006)

A Case of Briefs (Van Guard Xpress, 1989)

The American Hero Loses His Tie (Van Guard Xpress, 1989)

New Zealand – What Went Wrong? (Van Guard Xpress, 1988)

Dr Strangelove’s Prescription (Van Guard Xpress, 1988)

Taking in the View (Auckland University Press, 1986)

Dreams, (Sword Press, 1981)

She’s Not the Child of Sylvia Plath (Sword Press, 1981)

Closer to the Bone (Sword Press, 1981)

Make Love in All the Rooms (Caveman Press, 1978)



Tropic of Skorpeo ([Novel], Steam Press, 2012)

Heart of the Volcano ([Novella], BookCaster Press, 2000)

Paradise to Come ([Novella containing: Terra Incognita 1526 and Captain Nemo’s Child], Flamingo, 1997)

The Fat Lady & The Astronomer ([Short fiction] Sword Press, 1981)

Octavio’s Last Invention ([Short fiction] Brick Row Publishing, 1991)


Creative Nonfiction

Taming the Tiger ([Memoir], Polygraphia, 2011)



46 by 44 (2009)

Essential New Zealand Short Stories Second Edition (2009)

Sunday 22 (2006)

Flamingo Anthology of New Zealand Short Stories Extended edition (2004)

Essential New Zealand Short Stories (2002)

Author’s Choice (2001)

Flamingo Anthology of New Zealand Short Stories (2000)

100 NZ Short Stories (1997)

Rutherford’s Dreams (1995)

Beethoven’s Ears (1995)

Faber Book of Contemporary South Pacific Stories (1994)

The Oxford Book of New Zealand Short Stories (1992)

Tabasco Sauce and Ice Cream (1990)

Penguin Book of Contemporary New Zealand Short Stories (1989)

Antipodes New Writing (1987)

Short Story International (1987)

Metro Fiction (1987)

I Have Seen the Future (1986)

The New Fiction (1985)

New Zealand Short Stories (4th Series) (1984)

Listener Short Stories 3 (1984)

New Zealand Writing Since 1945 (1983)

All The Dangerous Animals Are in Zoos (1981)



The Flamingo Anthology of New Zealand Short Stories – Extended Edition, (Flamingo, 2004)

The Flamingo Anthology of New Zealand Short Stories (Flamingo, 2000)

New Zealand’s Top 10 ( Moa Beckett, 1993)

The New Fiction (Lindon Publishing, 1985)

The Globe Tapes ([with Mike Johnson and Rosemary Menzies], Hard Echo Press, 1985)

'...we were there as faith-based writers, as believers in the mana of Oceania...' - David Eggleton

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