To Italy, With Love (Hachette, 2021)

Tiny Pieces of Us (Hachette, 2020)

A Dream of Italy (Orion, 2019)

A Year at Hotel Gondola (Orion, 2018)

Under Italian Skies (Orion, 2016)

One Summer In Venice (Orion, 2015)

The Food Of Love Cookery School (Orion, 2013)

When In Rome (Orion, 2012)

Summer At The Villa Rosa (Orion, 2011)

The Villa Girls (Orion, 2011)

Recipe For Life (Orion, 2010)

The Italian Wedding (Orion, 2009)

Delicious (Orion, 2005)

'I want you to think about what you would like to see at the heart of your national literature ' - Tina Makereti

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