The Track (Seraph Press, 2019)

Groovy Fish and other poems (Children’s poetry: The Cuba Press, 2019)

New York Pocket Book (Seraph Press, 2016)

The Letter Box Cat and Other Poems (Illustrations by Myles Lawford: Scholastic, 2014)

The Baker’s Thumbprint (Seraph Press, 2013)

Slip Stream (Auckland UP, 2010)

Macaroni Moon (Poems for children, drawings by Sarah Laing: Random House, 2009)

Making Lists for Frances Hodgkins (Auckland UP, 2007)

Crosswind (Auckland UP, 2004)

Chrome (Auckland UP, 2000)

Cookhouse (Auckland UP, 1997)



Aunt Concertina and her Niece Evalina (Sophisticated picture book with oil paintings by Michael Hight: Random House, 2009)

The Terrible Night (Junior chapter book, illustrations by Chris Grosz: Random House, 2008) 


Creative Nonfiction

Wild Honey: Reading NZ Women’s Poetry  (Massey University Press, 2019)



A Treasury of NZ Poetry for Children (Illustrations Jenny Cooper: Random House, 2014)

Dear Heart: 150 New Zealand Love Poems (Random House, 2012)

99 Ways into New Zealand Poetry (Co-authored & co-edited with Harry Ricketts: Random House, 2010)

Contemporary New Zealand Poets in Performance (Auckland UP, 2007)

Flamingo Bendalingo (Poetry for and by children, illustrations by Michael Hight: Auckland UP, 2006)

'I started to feel very guilty, as though I’d perpetrated a crime, a rort' - Stephanie Johnson

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